Enough food for martins?

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Location: Temple, Texas
Martin Colony History: New to it.

I live in Temple, Texas Central Texas and I'm wondering if there is enough food for the birds to survive?
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Martin Colony History: :
Starting over in 2018
9 pair 2017
17 pair 2015
12 pair 2014
8 pair 2013
5 pair 2012
2 pair 2011

How close are you to a river, lake or pond?
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I looked at scout reports for Texas and there are plenty of martin colonies all around Temple on the map. You should do well to start a colony of martins.
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Martin Colony History: Started trying to attract purple martins in 2012! It's finally happened in 2017! 5 years!!! ASY male and SY female came May 1st, fledged 5 babies!

There’s so many bugs in southern Illinois! Hot and humid produces bugs galore! Good luck! :)
Sharon from southern Illinois
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