Putnam County Microburst

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malachy cleary
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Joined: Wed Feb 25, 2004 8:01 pm
Location: cold spring n.y.
Martin Colony History: First breeding pair in 2011. Site moved up hill 350 feet at beginning of nesting season
2019 to accommodate road construction.
Colony seems to have weathered the upheaval

Lost two houses this afternoon to what must have been a small tornado here in Putnam County NY. A T-14
With 12 gourds on a laminated cedar pole snapped at the base, cracked the concrete footing and crashed to the ground. Another Redwood House that I’ve had for 25 years also come crashing down after the 2 1/2” steel pole bent right at the base where it is strongest. That took some mighty force.
I am overjoyed that although this calamity happened
If it had but two weeks ago I would have lost many nestlings. The last nest in a gourd on the T-14 had just fledged and the Redwood house just a week ago .
It could have been much worse.
The last two nests are in a Gourd Rack that looks a little bent but remained vertical.
I’ve got my work cut out for me repairing these houses. I guess I should go with a metal pole for the T-14.
I thought maybe the wood had rotted but it looked solid.
I don’t suppose there’s Martin Insurance?.. I might ask
For some help from The Glynwood Foundation where the colony is located. My finances have been flattened along with the houses.
Tomorrow I inventory the damage.
Otherwise, great season . 58 nests about 210 fledglings.
Some abandoned nests and young here and there which is a puzzle. Ended with a BANG!
Dave Duit
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Joined: Tue Nov 25, 2003 2:02 pm
Location: Iowa / Nevada
Martin Colony History: In 2020, 60 pair with 285 fledged youngsters. 83 total cavities available, 58 Troyer Horizontal gourds and 4 modified deep trio metal house units, 1 fallout shelter, owl cages around all units. Martin educator and speaker. President and founder of the Iowa Purple Martin Organization. Please visit www.iamartin.org and join.

Luck was on your side this round.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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Joined: Mon May 12, 2014 1:02 pm
Location: Western KY
Martin Colony History:

Tried to attract PMs since 2004; began more ernest attempt in 2014.

Current housing consists of two modified Trio M12Ks and a round gourd rack.

2018 — 3 pairs

2019 — 6 pairs

2020 — 12 pairs; barred owl late in season

Monitor FILs colony as well as colony at park.

~15 years of providing housing for bluebirds, Carolina wrens, house wrens, Carolina chickadees, tufted titmice, great-crested flycatchers and northern flickers.

Best wishes getting everything replaced!
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