Tree swallows in Southern Indiana

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El burro
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I replaced my old purple Martin house in February of this year and replaced it with a new house. Also, I installed a another pole with a new trendsetter close by. So now I have two locations for housing. The martins returned about two weeks ago. They came, they saw and they left never to return. Now I have 2 pair of tree swallows nesting in the trendsetter. The new house on the original pole remains empty. I suspect that the martins are not coming this year. That said, should I evict the swallows or let them stay for the season? Is it too late here for Martin nesting in southern indiana? Thank you.
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I would have thought that nesting up north would be later than here in the south? Ours are nest building as we speak here in Texas. Also, we replaced our old PM houses this year and the number of PMs increased.

I would not evict swallows. We have dozens of barns swallows in or boat house.
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I would think you still have plenty of time to get Martin's this year, those tree swallows can be a big problem if left in the housing I'm trying now to get rid of a pair.

Maybe some more experienced people can weigh in.
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It's not too late, I just got my scouts last week feeding along side several tree swallows. Last year was my first year starting a colony in Upstate NY with two pairs of adult martins Mid June and on June 28th we had 10 eggs. My personal experience was all my gourdes had tree swallow nests and the end of June dozens of sub adults came around and in one day the swallows abandoned the gourdes.
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ASY's seem to be back but the SY's are not here yet. I would close up that housing ASAP and offer some alternate housing for them per the specs in the relocation protocol. I would also leave the martin housing closed until you see martins checking it out. If those tree swallows are nesting when the SY's arrive they will definitely run them off.
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