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can anyone give me a quick, simple answer? A hawk has been bothering my martins for 3 days. Never had this problem before. Should I skip my nest check today, to keep from bothering them any more? Thank you.
After 3 years, I gave up and put two gourds out, hoping to get other birds to nest. I did. Had one pair of tree swallows and ONE pair of purple martins. The PM had 4 hatchlings. One died in the nest and one was found on the ground two days running and died that night. Two flew successfully.
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dont stop nest checks you have to be aware of whats happening in the nests all the time. As far as the hawks
my wife and i are in our 70's and constantly watch out for hawks a couple times a day to shout at them and scare them. We shout blank shells at them just to scare them off. Its a pity they are protected just like the pms but you cant hurt a hawk even though it kills me not to when they are killing my babies. You also have to watch out for floater sub males that kill the babies worse thann hawks
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pmlover - All wildlife must eat. Don't get heartbroken over a hawk feeding its young. That's how it is in wildlife survival. Our martins and our hawks have much greater problems concerning their welfare - habitat loss. Give all wildlife species (except house sparrows and starlings) the space to do their thing.

Think of all the martins you have provided for over the years that may not have a place to nest. Martin landlords do a wonderful service for this species that far outweighs what we lose to natural predation.

The lion lies down with the lamb - only in the Bible.

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I have never used one, but I have read about PM landlords using decoys on their housing. The Hawk attacking the decoy gives the PM a chance to get away. Not sure if it works, or how many times a Hawk will be fooled by it, but it could be worth a try. Maybe someone who has used a decoy successfully will respond.
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Quick answer, don't stop nest checks. your presence is a good defense. nest checks a must...if the martins are up and away they will be more alert and probably spot the hawk before it happens.

Use dove decoys, but move them around. put them up in the hawks line of attack...they learn fast so gotta keep them mobile. Got mine from Academy.

Get a yard stick with streamers attached, something colorful. wave it around as a distraction when martins are most vulnerable to an attack (when the leave and return for the night). just be out there for them. Martins will adjust to you, hawk less so.

best of luck, its tough lost a few this year.
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Firstly, a hawk may use any distraction opportunity to attack your colony. A nest check is a distraction for the Martins. Period.

Secondly, nest checks are not a must, regardless of what you read on this forum. They are a tool that can be used to gain knowledge. Unless you have blow fly parasites or mites and use nest changes to help eliminate them, or once in a blue moon find an encapsulated egg, in time to save it, then nest checks offer NO biological benefits to the Martins.

So, don’t feel pressured to do nest checks unless you want to. I use to do them colony wide, but now only spot check as needed. Hosting Martins doesn’t have to be a job.
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