Rant - Cooper's Hawk are killing me!

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Hawk attacks weren't too bad at first but in the last couple of weeks allot more Martins have arrived. We probably have 60-70 Martins right now.

It's rainy, cool, and windy this morning and all of the Martins were on the Gourd racks working on their feathers in the rain and talking.

A Hawk came at 8:30 and picked one of the Martins off of his porch. Now they are all gone until late afternoon. This is happening a couple of times a day if they stay here. The problem is it's multiple Hawks. Yesterday it was a Merlin, smaller but much faster than a Martin.

I know some of the Hawks will migrate eventually and the situation will get better, but it's frustrating right now.
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I hear ya Spiderman. Been having the same issues here. It really upsets me :evil: .
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Try putting some decoys on your houses or perching areas. Also buy sone dove decoys and put them up in an open spot away from the PM housing... Might help draw the hawks there first allowing martins to escape.

I've seen hawks (two occasions) swoop down and hit the decoys... The decoys dont move and the hawk seems to go for them... The martins easily escape. Both times we saw it with our own eyes.. the hawk was even upside down once , talons wrapped around the decoy.. flapping furiously.. he wouldn't give up. Another time the decoy and perch rod came off , and the hawk let go and dropped the whole thing in the front yard. That was wild.
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im so sorry for you james. I know exactly how you feel . I have the same problem here each year.
I also have read a new preditor exists. A black vultur
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As to Decoys: I have perching poles on the Edges of my colony with Decoy Doves and Martins on them and I can tell you that they are hit and I do not know that a single Live Martin has been taken. Do not put the Decoys on your housing as it will draw the hawks right to the Martins. Martins have been dealing with hawk there whole live and will after you and I have gone. Taking down your colony will leaving them nowhere to nest and hatch new young. Think about all the time it took to get started and just to give up due to hawks. Remember that things go after your Martins, like snakes, raccoons, and Owls.
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