Almost PM time in North Dakota

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Martin Colony History: Will add later

I’m in northeastern North Dakota. “My” Purple martins normally arrive here around April 23. They have been as early as April 10 and as late as May 7.

Come rain, snow, sleet, hail, or gail force winds, I want the gourds all up and ready before April 15.

Today we had it all - snow, sleet, weird soft pellets of snow and sleet, and winds coming down straight from the Arctic. We started filling the gourds with bedding and got 13 of the 16 hung. The other three need some slight modifications and will be hung tomorrow.

Hubby did most of the work, but I did help.
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I’ve been watching the scout map and I see you have 2 reports in North Dakota, I’m from southern Saskatchewan and in the last 2 years mine have arrived on April 22 but the weather here is just fridged for this time of the year, snowed last night again -10 for the temp, winter just doesn’t want to release it’s grip on us. But I’m hopeing we will see some within the next week supposed start warming up tomorrow good luck!
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