Too many ASY birds

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So for two nights in a row I have two male ASY who can't find a empty gourd. They fly gourd to gourd and enter and you can hear the pairs beating them up. They exit then try another. I have checked after dark and find them halfway in the entrance of a tunnel.

I have a new house which is empty but they refuse to use it. I am feeling bad and debating buying another rack. I don't understand why they don't figure this out during daylight hours, or why they won't settle on the house, or even why they don't leave before dark. Anyone else experience this?
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Yep, sure have. not fun to watch, you just want them to go in! perhaps they are birds intercepted, all the residents quickly go to claimed cavities, or its a resident who got rejected. Impossible to tell. Ill bet when the other migrant females come he will select a gourd she likes.

I have plenty space in the front, all back gourds and house occupied. last night I was watching after they went in to make sure everyone was tucked away, there was a commotion in the house went on for a while and a male popped out. he flew from porch to porch, got rejected every time. went to a gourd, rejected. stayed around for a bit but before full dark took off. I think they come back, a colony is a big draw.

never saw them in a tunnel though they end up on arms close to the hub, on outer porches. that is odd.
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Thank you for your reply C.C.

I’m glad I am not the only one. I too have seen birds fail to find a vacancy and then climb and take off out of sight not to be seen again that evening. I always wonder where they go.
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Sounds like it might be time to add another gourd rack!

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Hi SSMartin,
Try smearing a little mud to discolor the outside entrance so as if it appears that there was a martin pair living in it from last year. This may trigger them to enter the house.
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I finally switched to all Troyer horizontal gourds. They still want to be on the top row for seniority. But besides that everything is equal.
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