Nest building has begun

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Martin Colony History: 2018 will be my first try. 6 S&K B09s. 29 eggs - 8 fledged
2019 - 12 Troyer Horizontals with tunnels, 6 S&K B09s and 12 B011s all with tunnels. 43 eggs - 36 fledged
2020 - Rack 1 - 6 B011s, Rack 2 - 24 B011s, and Rack 3 - 24 Troyer Horizontals. All gourds have tunnels, porches and crescent/Conley 11 entrances; racks have predator guards. 161 eggs - 88 fledged

I suspected nest building had begun a few days ago at my racks but not quite sure. Today I sat and watched females going to the ground, selecting the proper pine needle or the exact dead live/laurel oak leaf and carrying it to their gourd. All this done by many ladies while the guys supervised from the tops of the gourds. I'll bet some of those lazy bums had already started beer drinking! I'll begin my regular nest checks next weekend.
Haven't witnessed any more Coopers Hawk visits. Amen to that!
Happy Martining, Mike
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Great on both the nest building and Coopers Hawk leaving them alone. I had another hwak attack today. He hit the decoys. I hope this one moves on. Soon my birds will be building too. Just need to control that hawk.
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Martin Colony History: 2010-2014 located in Slidell LA. Gourd rack with 16 gourds. Max of 2 pairs during this short period in Slidell. Plenty of fledglings.

2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total (May2020)

Males are so good at supervising. Lol

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Mj, I can't criticize the males. I like to sit back with a beer and watch the nest building as well. :)
Jeff Dean
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