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I live in central Wisconsin and had martins for 3 years now. Also built a T14 to go with my old martin house. Wondering if there is anyone in my area that is also a martin enthusiast. Thanks Gary
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Hi Gary, my family near waupaca have hosted martins for several years. What type housing/entrance holes are you using. Have you seen martins this year yet? Today we had about half a dozen hanging out.
Dave Duit
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Martin Colony History: In 2020, 60 pair with 285 fledged youngsters. 83 total cavities available, 58 Troyer Horizontal gourds and 4 modified deep trio metal house units, 1 fallout shelter, owl cages around all units. Martin educator and speaker. President and founder of the Iowa Purple Martin Organization. Please visit and join.

Hi Timber,
It appears that the closest landlords who have reported their martins on the websites scout arrival are: Mark Gore from Marathon and Kelly Scheiderer from Edgar. I hope this info helps.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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