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PM home 2B.jpg
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PM home 3B.jpg
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Last year I built a PM home.
I have not had luck yet attracting my desired guests.
It is located near my home, near water and far from trees.
I am wondering if you think the design of the doors is an issue - I built a small deck and roof over the opening.
Please see attached photos.
thank you.
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not sure if you have maintained the minimal compartment size of 6x6x6, better 6x6x12 :?:
crescent entrance should be no less than 1 3/16 high
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Great looking house. As stated by Kegger deeper compartments are more attractive to martins, but I see you have gourds too. I would just keep trying are you playing dawnsong?
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Even in ideal conditions with ideal housing it often times takes several years to get a colony established. Usually the further north you are the less likely you are to get martins staying the first year or two. Martins love to nest in colonies and they have strong site fidelity. So barring something out of the ordinary martins will return to the site they nested at last year. Martins born last year will be looking for new housing this year. Many times if an SY martin has a choice between your (empty) house and a nearby colony with martins they would prefer to be with other martins. Eventually a pair will prefer your site over the others and draw in more martins.
Both colonies I started took 5 years to get established with returnees. Both places were wide open, quality housing, nearby colonies, and near large bodies of water.
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Thank you all for your replies.
Regarding the size of the rooms (see photo) - they are roughly 6x6x10.
I am playing the dawn song every day.
I have decoys.

Does anybody think the deck and roof I put at the opening to the doors are an issue?
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Matt F.
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Hi Mcetta,
That is a gorgeous Martin house! It has the look of the more vintage houses, while incorporating the starling resistant entrances, deep cavities, and easy raising/lowering.
The decks and roofs you added (which in my opinion are a nice detail that really adds to the overall appearance) should not be any deterrent - with one possible exception - if it altered the entrance height.
Like Kegger mentioned - the only real deterrent would be if the crescent, starling resistant entrances were smaller than the minimum 1 3/16" (1.1875") height. That could make them too small for the Martins to enter and exit from.
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Martin Colony History: Newbie in 2020: 2 pair of SY with 4 eggs each in Troyer Horizontals
fledged a total of 7 Martins


Flyin-Lowes reply is spot on.

Your house is stylish and vintage looking. I hope a SY will take notice to your place soon. 8)
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Great design. The best remedy is lots of waiting for the first martin. It took six years to get my first pair and I had ideal conditions for martins. Continue all of your martin attraction techniques and understnad that they will come when they come. I wish you the best.
Mite control, heat venting, predator protection and additional feeding during bad weather add up to success.
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I don't believe the roof and/or porches will hurt anything. Stay the course and pray! But I also recommend measuring the height of the entrance openings. This means measuring from the top of the floor to the top of the crescent opening to make sure they're at least 1-3/16inches. Photos can be deceiving but they do look slightly shallow. Best of luck and I hope Purple Martins find you and the sooner the better now!
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