Almost gave up...ASY Male showed up today....Then I killed 3 HSP's

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Martin Colony History: Newbie 51 years old and stumbled onto this by accident. Amazing bird. Just wanna help and give/receive happiness and be one with nature. Don't mind shooting an intruder of any kind though. Have a blessed day.

Kinda figured I'd struck out for year two and maybe I still will but walking the field this morning and upon returning to the house saw a ASY Male sitting on a BO11 :grin: . I had kinda given up this year and was about ready to take down gourds and houses. HSP's were chirping away yesterday and starting to make a nest...I lowered one house with two gourds underneath it. They moved to second house with 6 BO9's under it. Grabbed 12 gauge and was able to take out 2 males and 1 female. The ASY male flew off as I walked under the 3rd rack of gourds 6 BO11's and 6 natural gourds. Hope he comes back and brings some mates. Any way I'll keep shooting the starlings and HSP's to give em a chance. Best of luck to others trying to start new colony this year. Good thing is I've been watching my bluebirds raise their 5 chicks about to fledge next week. Got 2 Tree Swallows in a single smaller gourd about 35 feet away from the main PM housing (as I learned in here) and they have just finished laying and began sitting this week. Maybe i'll get the triple and a pair or two of PM"s will pair up.
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I sure hope he stays, I don't think an asy male would have trouble finding a mate. Are you playing the dawnsong?Regardless if he stays or not leave your housing up all season long. Martins will see it throughout the year and this years fledglings might zone in on it to come back to next year. Think of it as free advertising for next year. Good Luck!
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Get those Tree Swallows as far away as you can. If you can move their nest a few feet away per day do it. Maybe move it to a shepherd’s hook and then ‘adjust’ it a little farther away each day. They will absolutely chase the Martin’s away if your PM cavities are within about 100 yards of a TS nest.

We’ve had TS nearby the past 2 years while trying to get a PM colony started and they run everything off. This year I kept all of the PM cavities closed until there was no sign of TS and it worked. No sign of them now - and a PM has been visiting / overnighting for a couple weeks now.
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I would leave the tree swallows where they are as it appears to be working. Right now the tree swallows will not allow other tree swallows in the immediate area. If you moved your TS much further away then another pair of tree swallows will move into your martin housing.
Congrats on the ASY, hoe he sticks around.
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