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Will the martins return after a hawk attack? The whole colony left immediately after the attack at about 730pm today and did not return before dusk as far as I can tell.
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In my experience they will return. I was hounded for weeks by a female coopers hawk. She was relentless. I have no idea how many she got during this time when I wasn't looking but, when I was looking, I personally saw her take 6 or more. I felt like I was offering up a bed and breakfast of Martins for her. I almost took my colony down. That's how bad it was.

It's possible your martins came in very late. If they set up house they should be back.

I think I got lucky because I had migrating martins returning after the hawk attacks so they never knew about them. The early arrivals not so much. They got pounded but my colony starter never left and he's still with me today.

I hope this puts you at some ease but, I know it's not easy to shrug your shoulders and move on. I'll be happy to assist so please feel free to contact me via the e-mail contact feature of this website.

Good luck to you.

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