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As stated in earlier posts I am in my second year of trying to attract Martins I have had 4 to 6 subs checking out gourds for the last couple of weeks two of them have seemed to pair up and have started to build a nest in one gourd I have not seen them for several days and thought they were gone. I’ve also been relentlessly fighting those evil hosp this morning I seen a male on one of my gourds I grabbed my pellet rifle and eliminated him here is where I think I might of screwed up I went out and lowered rack and checked to see if there was any nests to tear out I took lid off of gourd that the pair of Martins have started building nest and they were in there I put lid back on and raised rack back up and they flew off my question is did I scare them off?Thanks for your quick responses I’m trying to learn everything I can about these wonderful birds and I appreciate this forum for the wealth of knowledge that is on here
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I seriously doubt you scared them off. Was there only nesting material or were there eggs as well?
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Just nesting material
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Not at all. They are likely off feeding and will be back at nest building tomorrow.
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No worries. It's not uncommon for me to have a couple martins ride down when I lower the housing. I always have a habit of tapping my wedding ring a few times on each pole before I lower it just to let them know I'm there.
The only thing you need to watch is not lowering early in the morning while they are actively egg laying. You also don't want to lower the poles after dark.
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I usually only lower the pole in the afternoon, warmest part of the day so the eggs/babies won’t get too cold.

And try not to do it but once or twice a week when first establishing Martins at a new site.
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Thanks for all the replies the pair came back last night now this morning there is another male sy showed up and the two males look like like they are fighting over the female the new one is pretty aggressive he even went over to my gourd I have on a shepherd hook about 35 feet from my Martin rack and peeked his head in my tree swallow whose eggs just hatched two days ago was not happy it’s been quite a show this morning.
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