Preventing a Snake Attack

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I will have 2 MSS-8 houses, with Excluder entrances, here on my condo grounds. This season I will also have two Deluxe Gourd Racks with 24 Excluder Gourds with Modified Excluder entrances. In our condo development, along the lake in a different section, I have 8 Excluder Gourds hanging from 84 inch Shepherd's Hooks with predator guards.

At Quiet Waters Park, nearby in Deerfield Beach, I care for a Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 TVG's. I also care for a Deluxe Gourd rack with 12 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder entrances.

At another local park, Tradewinds Park at Coconut Creek, care for a Trendsetter 12, 5 gourds rack with 60 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder Entrances and 1 Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Troyer Vertical Gourds with wing guards over the Conley II to keep out smaller starlings.

Has anyone ever tried hanging a loose, fiberglass screen from a birdhouse pole secured only at the top to keep a snake from crawling under it? I saw a You Tube video online that suggested that snakes might be incapable of climbing over a loose, floppy, dangling section of fiberglass porch screen. Any comments are welcome. IF this would work then we could avoid trapping harmless snakes in our birdnetting as we try to protect out purple martin houses. I have no idea if this would really work or not. Maybe someone more family with snakes can tell me.
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