% of needed open housing requirements

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Just curious about how many open compartments do you think is good this year, as to know when to add more housing for next year.

thanks jeff
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Martin Colony History: 2021 Texas deep freeze, first arrived 4/6.

2020 first arrived 3/27. 21 pair, 92 fledged, 9 non viable.

2019 first time with Martin's, first arrived 4/24 10 pair, 24 fledged, 15 eggs non-viable.

I thinks it's preference on how many you want and can manage. As long as you have open housing, and a safe environment to where they have successful high yield clutches, you'll find growth each year. We have a Troyer K-24, our first year we had 10 pair, last year (our second year), 21 pair. This year we decided to add another K-24, as of today, every Sunday we do nest checks, we have 36 pairs and a total of 152 eggs. The latest we have eggs laid is June 20-25th. We think future plans of 2 more racks depending on how time is for us.
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It is uncommon to get 100% occupancy on martin housing. So some people offer 16 gourds and each year they have 10-14 pair each year. It is very likely if that person added another 16 gourds they could have 25-30 pair the next year. If you want to expand once you get over 50% capacity of your housing it is a good time to add new housing. Last year I had 52 cavities and had 42 pair. I went ahead and added 16 more gourds (68 total cavities this year) and my first nest check of the year 2 weeks ago I had 60 cavities with nests. I likely have a few more nests now, will be doing a nest check tomorrow.
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2016 1 pair fledged 4
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Thanks for the info to base my decision. I have a total of 34 cavities with 22 nests that either have eggs or chicks. Some cavities have green leaves but no eggs or chicks as of now.

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