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Observation 1 I have a remodeled T14 wooden house (now T10) with troyer tunnels with conley opening on one half & crescent open tunnels on the other half. It appears the martins prefer the Troyer

Observation 2 The wooden house is cedar with cedar trays but has no drainage from rain water when the martins fly in and out. As a result looks like blowfly larvae like the moisture under the nest.

Any thoughts on ways to drain or just check more often? pictures attached
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I have multiple T14's with no drainage. I have never had issues with wet nests and not sure the martins drag in enough water on their bodies to get a nest soaked, I could be wrong on that though.
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I have a cedar T14 with cedar nest trays. I don't recall the trays ever getting really wet but the floors ofthe T14 can get wet from rain blown in. My nest trays have on the bottom four finishing washers attached by small screws. This keeps the trays off the floors and if they get wet, the floors will dry faster. Air will circulate under the trays. I have no holes in the floors and noholes in the trays. Haven't had any problems in over 20 years.

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