PM and their man - video

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Peter Huszcz
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G Saner
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Martin Colony History: Fort Worth, TX (1967-1976), The Colony, TX (1981-1985), Carrollton, TX (1986-2013), Kerrville, TX (2015-present).

Two SuperGourd poles (12 gourds on each) at River Point Assisted Living Center.

I enjoyed your video very much.
G Saner
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Excellent! Great story. I was moved by the poetry too. Even though I did not understand a word of it, the poetic sincerity of it's delivery was moving. Thank you for sharing.
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That is a very impressive build. Was curious how many more Martins called your place home this year?
I started this hobby last year, also built 2 custom condos but only 9 cavity each. I understood a few words
of your poem being of Slavic descent, I can tell that you are extremely proud of your accomplishments, rightfully so.
" Teach your children well "
8) Michael Ploskina 2nd generation Ukrainian American
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