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I still have a few sparrows hanging around. I shoot all I can, but you know how cunning they can be. One more dead due to a pellet to the head a short time ago...

I have not had good success with my ST-1. I am hoping some of you experienced landlords can help. I have only trapped 1 sparrow since I bought the trap about 6-7 weeks ago. He was trapped with nesting material as bait. I have tried baiting with white bread, white tortillas, dryer lint, feathers, nesting material, and even tore out a nest last weekend with eggs and placed nest & eggs into the trap. I have also moved the trap around my back yard numerous places, but nothing seems to help matters any, save for the 1 I trapped the first week. I have now removed the trap. I read somewhere, probably here, that they should be removed periodically so the sparrows won't get used to them.

Any constructive criticism or advice will be appreciated.

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It may be a bit late, the female needs to be nestbuilding for it to work best. If the nestbuilding is taking place, feathers, lint from the dryer, and old nesting material work good
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I love my ST-1..I've trapped 11 starlings and 9 sparrows just this year. I mount it on a pole, then wire it on with some of those heavy duty ties. Now you can move it around the pole, which seems to work best when they are nesting. But they do get use to it, so you must move it around the pole periodically. I am sparrow/starling free. I have 32 eggs with 5 of them hatched and 3 BB eggs that should hatch this weekend. Don't give up on the trap, some sparrows just take longer.

kimball, do you leave it on the pole and just rotate it around? What do you use for bait? Thanks for the reply
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This year I got serious about trapping sparrows. My next door neighbor is leaving
dry dog food out for their two dogs. This in turn attracted grackles, sparrows and
starlings to my place.

Before they did this I was happy with my home made tipping
can trap. This trap only works early in the season and is productive.
The rest of the time was with the way of the pellet.

I saw an influx of the unwanted birds to may backyard so I purchased the PMCA baited
repeating trap. Now I have two of them and one of them is in the 36x36x24 holding cage
and is baited with bird seeds. The other is moved around at various locations around my patio.
This is where most of the birds seem to congregate. This one is baited with dry dog food
and is placed on top of a holding cage. This really gets productive if I have sparrows in the holding
cage for they will attract other birds to this baited trap. I also throw some of the dry dog
food around this trap (enough to wet their appetite).
The other day it caught two sparrows and a starling. I came home from work yesterday
and it caught two young grackles and two sparrows. I went to check on the one in the big
holding cage and it caught a young cardinal.

I keep food and water in each trap so I can release the protected birds and rid of the
starlings and sparrows. A friend at work is feeding his pet snakes with my catch.

I?ve collected over 90 sparrows and 21 starlings so far. We have a year round season
on the starlings and sparrows. This is what I call ?the bonus activity?.

Trap, trap, trap, trap, trap and shoot when you can safely do it?????????..

Don't give up on your ST-1, I have one mounted on the fence under my housing. It seems like they come in waves, a long time will pass with no trap activity and then wham, I'll have two in it. It sounds like your baiting it properly. My S&S controller is the same way, no birds for for almost two weeks, then yesterday I had two male hosp and a juvenile starling. With trapping and shooting I am pest free except for passers by.
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Here is Sparrow Central in my backyard.
Toma-Sparrow Central.jpg
Toma-Sparrow Central.jpg (78.4 KiB) Viewed 1706 times

Must be a fat snake...:!:
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Fat snakes, zero eggs busted, zero purple martin babies killed=HAPPY MARTINS!
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