Is this HOSP plan too extreme?

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I've posted previously about my dilemma relating to shooting HOSP in my area. High powered CO2 guns are not an option for me. A regular BB gun is ok though. Does anyone think trapping HOSP in a repeater cage trap and shooting them in the trap inhumane?
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I've done it before with a pellet gun. It is quick and humane. Just like shooting them off the housing.
I'm a "nestcamaholic" Is 18 hours a day a bad thing? (I have 2 this year, luckily I have 2 eyes!)

That's how I do it. Nothing is too extreme when it come to eliminating S&S.

I was thinking that when I posted this question. I just wanted to hear what some others had to say. I ordered my trap and will have it by the end of the week.


I just wanted to add that I've heard folks say that having at least one live HOSP inside the trap may be beneficial in the long run. A few of the veterans on this forum have mentioned that some folks even provide food and water to one HOSP in the cage. I think it was the male they were referring to but I am not sure off the top of my head.

Maybe an experienced trapper can comment to confirm or correct my comments. When I trapped them I was repeatedly successful catching multiple HOSP at one time.

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Last year I cought over 100 sparrows in a 3 compartment sparrow trap. They work thew best if you leave one alive perferrable a female and a lttle water and feed for your bait bird will give you good results.

John in Stidham,OK
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John Iosca,
If you can't stand shooting HOSP after you've caught it, try putting it in a
zip lock bag then trow it in the trash. This way you don't have to watch.

John OK,
After catching over 100 sparrows last year, did this help this year? Did you
see less/more sparrows this year?

I've done the same this year, with a tipping can trap (stationary repeater)
two PMCA baited traps and pellet rifle, I've caught over 100 sparrows and
over 20 starlings since March.

Keeping a live sparrow or two really works. I use bird seeds, dry dog food,
french fries, white bread and feathers as bait. (I've yet to use cracked corn)

With the baited traps, you've got to entice this little buggers with something
they can't refuse........hehehehehehehe.
CUL Lou~Mich

John. Personally, I don't see how any HOSP eradication program could be too inhumane. I'll just add one thing. You will probably hit the wire of the cage a few times, and the wire will probably NOT take that. Therefore, you'll have small holes in the cage, and possibly sharp wires sticking into the trap. This could cause trauma to other birds should any go in. (And with food being offered, they probably will.) Just keep an eye out for wires sticking into the cage, and try to keep them aligned with the cage, so they don't do more harm than good. If neighbors, or even a spouse see blood all over from a wire sticking a bird, there could be some harsh words. CUL Lou

Thanks to everyone for their advice on this matter.
As an update, I purchased a repeater trap, baited it with some white bread and put it out Sunday evening. Monday afternoon I had 3 female HOSP in the trap. I have left one as a decoy/lure. I decided against the pellet gun idea because as you said Lou, you can't shoot thru the cage openings. Plus, I cannot seem to hit those buggers with a pellet gun anyway. Too much of a safety hazard. I disposed of them humanely by placing them in a plastic garbage bag and then adding a few shots of engine starter fluid(ether) spray.

Toma wrote:John Iosca,
If you can't stand shooting HOSP after you've caught it, try putting it in a
zip lock bag then trow it in the trash. This way you don't have to watch.
That would be considered an inhumane method of killing any bird. Suffocation isn't a pleasant or legal method of disposing of any wild animal. Please consider other humane, quick methods of destroying these birds.


Here is what I do: Once they are in a plastic bag (like a spare-o-door extractor), I wack the bag including content against a brick wall. Once is enough. Somewhere I read this method is being considered inhumane too, they would rather use a breast compression. I stongly disagree, the blow against the brick wall is a rather immediate k*ll.
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