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Besides answering all our newbie questions and being a cheerleader for northern wannabees and neophytes, Mary seems to have made it her personal mission to restore many valuable posts on Purple Martin Management to the Forum. 8)

Thanks Mary, for helping return the PMCA Forum to its former state! I know this is work for you, but so worth it for the rest of us. You are great!

PS: Your post on making a "HOSP Hostel" accidently got tacked on to the thread about explanation of Forum crash. I'm sure you meant it to be a separate thread. Is it possible to move it over so it gets the attention it deserves? Thanks again for everything.
Mary Wilson-SW Ont
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Dr. Kathi, you are so right. Mary, your continuous efforts to educate and respond to forum readers are so appreciated. We are very lucky to have you here.
Mary Dawnsong
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Thanks, guys.

All I did was copy some of my general-interest posts from the Michigan Martins discussion forum: http://michiganmartins.com/
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Bob Buskas
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I also would like to give Mary a Canadian thankyou. You give wonderful advice to all Northern Landlords.
Bob Buskas, Alberta, Canada (The Northern Sky's Colony) Supplimental feeding is the key during bad weather, but you must train them to feed ahead of time.

I have to second or third or fourth my kudos to Mary. You give us all so much valuable info. I am looking for a used trio to set up as a hotel for HOSPs. Such a great idea.

I am totally bummed about the zebra mussell infestation too and the threat it poses to the PMs. Interesting to know it is a culprit.
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Mary is a class act. I always read her posts and replies. Everything she posts is interesting and useful.

Brian Supernaw
Valley Center, Kansas
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