When to stop Daytime Chatter/Dawnsong music

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I had posted this question prior to the forum going down. I received a message stating that I had a reply, but when the forum went down, I couldn't read the answer. Therefore, please excuse me for repeating my question.

I have a male ASY who is sitting on the martin house, singing his heart out. He did have a female visitor yesterday, but I haven't seen her today. Should I stop the Dawn Song/Daytime Chatter, or will it continue to bring in other martins to help my ASY find a mate?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Bob Buskas
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Susan, my advice would be to stop the dawnsong. It may be scaring the young SY females away. If you want to play the chatter tape to keep the male company, play it at a low volume. Good Luck! :wink:
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