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Martin Colony History: I moved to South Florida, from Delaware, in August of 2015.

I will have 2 MSS-8 houses, with Excluder entrances, here on my condo grounds. This season I will also have two Deluxe Gourd Racks with 24 Excluder Gourds with Modified Excluder entrances. In our condo development, along the lake in a different section, I have 8 Excluder Gourds hanging from 84 inch Shepherd's Hooks with predator guards.

At Quiet Waters Park, nearby in Deerfield Beach, I care for a Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 TVG's. I also care for a Deluxe Gourd rack with 12 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder entrances.

At another local park, Tradewinds Park at Coconut Creek, care for a Trendsetter 12, 5 gourds rack with 60 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder Entrances and 1 Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Troyer Vertical Gourds with wing guards over the Conley II to keep out smaller starlings.

Now is a good time to resume the HS control as all of the young ones are out and about investigating everything from birdfeedeers to birdhouses. I am catching many HS recently after a lull the this summer. They love that white bread.
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Since the Purple Martins left my backyard the House Sparrows have some what
slowed down but one of my PMCA baited repeating trap is still catching three
House Sparrows a week. An occasional Inca dove and/or a cardinal gets trap. This
trap is incorporated to my 36x36x24 inch House Sparrow cage. I keep six
House Sparrows in this cage
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