My final Supplimental feed for 2005

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Bob Buskas
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Hi folks, just thought I would let you all know whats been happinin in Alberta. The past 4 or 5 days a cold low moved in. We had 2 inches of rain and some very cool or cold temps. The highs only about 10 or 12 C and lows down to 3 C, a risk of frost tonight. I sure hope not, as our crops need another 2 or 3 weeks of summer weather to mature. A frost warning is not unusual in Alberta this time of year, the old timers say if we make it past August 20th without a frost we are ussually good for another 3 or 4 weeks frost free. Prior to this low pressure system I estimate that 75% of our Martins moved out and are well on their way south. Most of us know that they like to migrate ahead of these systems. Many of the older mature Hummers left as well, but the HY and a few adult female Hummers are still here fighting over my feeders. I still have about 15 or so Martins at my site. The last pair with 4 youngsters just fledged during this weather. I have kept my Oyster Bar feeder full with a good supply of meal worms and egg all week, the parents fed them well and the youngsters are doing just fine. As for the rest, I have a few Adult males looking after the HY birds and they have managed to get a feed in late in the afternoons each day, they seem to be doing fine. I was a bit concerned because the HY birds don't know about my Oyster Bar yet. I felt sorry for them today so I placed a hand full of meal worms in there compartments this afternoon when they were out trying to feed. I keep 3 tubs of meal worms on the go all season long, thought I had way too many but it sure was nice to have lots on hand when this weather hit.
My mother-in-law called this morning, she had thought all her birds had left for good last week, but this morning she counted about 15 or 20 back on the house. She was going to put meal worms and egg in the compartments this afternoon as well. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to warm up to 20 C and up to 26 C by Saturday, then it will feel like summer again. :wink:
Bob Buskas, Alberta, Canada (The Northern Sky's Colony) Supplimental feeding is the key during bad weather, but you must train them to feed ahead of time.

Good job, Bob, glad things are going well with you.

This year was pretty much a repeat of the last two years with me, 94 pair versus 92 pair each of the previous two years. Hawks catch a few fledglings exterior to the site, but so far are still not able to take advantage of fledglings at the cavities...all in all, my entrances seem to be holding up well in that regard. This is the fourth year in which I have had nominally a 100 pair colony and I don't consider the site being challenged by hawks OR owls, even though there are plenty of them around.
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