Update at Robbo's. Leduc, Alberta.

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The T-14's are 100% full! The Martin's are beginning nest building. Myself and one Male Martin are fighting off Sparrows in the BO's!, this morning I watched him go into one gourd and pull out a HOSP! He is guarding 2 gourds and I am tearing out nests and eggs in the others.. A Hawk or Falcon came visiting this morning and the Martin's put the run on it. Iam hoping if I keep tearing out HOSP nest's that when the Subbies arrive they will take over, the Martin's are beginning to get protective of their area now.
2009. 98 eggs, 66 hatch, 61 fledged.
2010. 114 eggs, 89 hatch,70 fledged.
2011. 96 eggs. 80 hatch,68 fledged.Heavy Merlin preditation.
2012. 89 eggs. 56 hatch, good fledge. Guards installed. Merlin not sighted at houses.
2013. First Egg May 24, first Baby June 13.
2014. successful.
2015. successful.
2016. Martin's population decline, suspect new housing in the neighborhood. Merlin eating well also!
2017.Population explosion :grin: . first egg May 25 in a BO-11
2018. Population stable.
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Hey Robbo,

That's a great advertisement for a T14 that it is filled up already ! I know they are a wise housing choice in northern climates. Down here in SW Ontario we can still use the aluminum housing with pretty good success.

Tearing out HOSP nests is OK until the martins have eggs, then retaliation can be pretty bad, so if you are able to trap those little devils, now's a good time to do it. Best wishes for your season !
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