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Martin Colony History: Started colony in 2014. 0 pairs
2015 0 pairs
2016 0 pairs
2017 0 pairs but visitors
2018 1 pair fledged 5
2019 10 pair
2020 25 pair

I did a midday nest check Found 29 nest with eggs another ten nest with green leaves. And one of the 29 nest with eggs had two little pink babies in it today. It was one that had a shell capped over another egg so I remove that hopefully they’ll be more hatch off later today or tomorrow. I have 66 cavities I hope to have near 40 nesting pair I hope. Have lots of room to grow. I have room for 54 more cavities on my racks. So Potential I have 110 cavities total when that be nice field with Martin’s.
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